When Is Mold Considered Toxic?

· December 11, 2015 · 5:48 pm



So, to start off, a lot of molds produce something called, “mycotoxins.” A mycotoxin is a toxic substance that is produced by a fungus or more specifically and more often, by mold.

There isn’t too much documentation stating that, breathing in mycotoxins is a major health hazard. Considering most doctors ride symptoms off with “allergies” or “asthma,” the origin becomes more and more unclear or is hardly looked into.

There is a specific mold that has been  looked into for assisting a lung disease called, idiopathic pulmonary hemosiderosis among infants.

Scientists and little research have insufficient evidence to prove this theory, but then again, who would put an infant at risk to test this one theory among many?

Every home has mold in it. This is one thing you cannot escape. But, in order to see if your home has a dangerous amount, you should get an air quality test from your local mold remediation company.

There is enough evidence to show that mold causes health issues. In order to find out if your at risk, get a test.

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