Mold in A Newly Renovated Attic!

· December 4, 2015 · 4:09 am

Hello folks! How was your Thanksgiving? Did you pass out and ignore your family members to avoid the post clean up  after, and nap like me? I hope so! Just Kidding!!

Well anyways, through the holidays VioClean went to a fabulous agency called Windhill Builders, that builds BEAUTIFUL custom homes!

We had a spokeswoman early in the morning from VioClean to tell the agents at Windhill a little bit about us and how great we are to use before purchasing a home!

At the end an agent had asked VioClean about her attic. This was a fabulous question and so I felt it would make a fabulous article for everyone to read!

An agent had asked,

“I recently had a second floor and an attic added on to my home. I found that mold started growing shortly after! I couldn’t believe this! How did this happen?!”

After asking a few questions, we discovered that she did not have proper ventilation in her attic. And we explained to her that unfortunately,  we do not do that. And it will be expensive to have someone come into her home and cut out parts of her ceiling in her attic to get the problem taken care of.

Fortunately, we do test for mold to be 100% sure that it is and we do remove mold as well. 

We also suggested that she can purchase a dehumidifier and should keep one in her basement and one in her attic. It is very important to keep moisture out of areas that happen to be more prone to it! 

So if you are developing mold in a new edition or newly renovated home then you should call a local remediation and testing company right away.

If you don’t have mold just yet, then you should quickly get dehumidifiers for both your attic and basement!

It’s important for the health of you and your family! And it can save tons of money down the road.