How to affordably clean your home using all natural home remedies.

· June 5, 2013 · 2:02 pm

Vacuum off odors…To rid your house of pet, cooking,or other smells, add a cotton ball soaked in vanilla or lavender oil to your vacuum cleaner bag, and vacuum away.  It’s a great way to rid your home of an offensive odor by creating a nice scent instead.

Candle Scandal…Removing candle wax from your wood floors is easy if you soften the wax first with a blow dryer, then peel off.  Wipe any excess with a paper towel, and then clean with a mixture of half white vinegar and half water.

Patch up Carpet Burns…Here’s how to eliminate cigarette burns in your carpet: First, cut away the burn mark.  Then, cut a bit of carpet from an area that’s covered by a piece of furniture(e.g., under a couch), and glue it carefully over the burnt spot.  Finally, smack the person who dropped the ashes.

Crayon Cleanup...Have your little Picassos taken to the wall s with their crayon master-pieces? Don’t Fret! A great way to clean off the Crayola is by using a car paste wax: Apply to the affected area, let it sink in and soften the crayon, then buff it off. Wipe the wall with a  all purpose cleaner and it’ll look like new.  If your child has drawn on your furniture with crayon, run the warm air form a hair dyer over the marks.  The heat will melt the  waxy marks a bit, making them easy to remove.

No Need for Febreze… Sprinkle rugs, the couch, and upholstered chairs with baking soda before you vacuum.  Give it a hour to work its magic and go to work.  It will keep rugs and furniture cleaner and fresher over the long haul.

Just suck it up…Trying to clean super small spaces around the house? Don’t buy additional vacuum equipment if your attachments are too big.  Instead, grab a straw-preferable one of those giant straws from a fast-food chain-and insert part of it into the smallest attachment you have.  Tape it in place, and you’ll be able to suck up dirt and dust in the tiniest of spaces.

Stinky old sponges…There’s no need to throw out your stinky old sponges.  Just soak them in cold salt water, rinse and they’re good to use again.