Frequently Asked Questions About Mold

· January 5, 2016 · 2:45 am

1. What Is Mold?

-Mold is a fungi that is everywhere! Indoors, outdoors in the air, on food, in our tub etc. It feeds off of organic materials and eats them away.

2. How Does Mold Enter My Home And How Does It Grow?

Mold can enter a home in so many ways! Mold can latch onto your clothes, you, animals etc. You even breath in mold spores because they are in the air.

-Mold feeds off of organic materials and usually settles in a warm, moist environment.

3. Why Is Mold Such A Concern?

-Mold produces spores which are airborne. They can cause any sort of health issues from “allergic reactions” to cancer.

4. A House That Has Had A Flood Or Leak Has What Potential For Mold Growth?

-If the flood or leak was taken care of immediately and had professional service, the chances are less likely. If an area hasn’t had time to dry properly there is also great potential for mold growth. That is why floods and water damage should be taken care of immediately and professionally.

5. How Can I Prevent Mold Growth?

-Mold will grow if moisture is present. So the first step is to make sure the areas you fear are at risk, are always dry. You can purchase a dehumidifier  for the most humid months of the year as well.

-Secondly, you can be sure to always have proper ventilation in rooms of your house such as the attic, basement, kitchen and bathrooms.

Remember, if you fear you may have mold issues it is important to your health to get this taken care of immediately.

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