Floods Closest To You

· December 6, 2015 · 7:56 am

There are quite a few different types of floods and how they come about. You just may be more surprised than you think, even when you think you are safe from floods.


River Floods:

Occur usually when river rises above the banks. May be due to rain or snow/ice.

Coastal Flood:

Heavy rain that may be blowing from the ocean!

Storm Surge:

An unusual rise in water level in coastal areas, over and above the regular astronomical tide. This can be cause by wind, waves or even a low pressure in the atmosphere.

Inland Flooding:

This happens when precipitation accumulates for days and days and then it rains hard, fast and strong for a short period of time. Generally caused by snow and ice.

Flash Flood:

Heavy amounts of rain fall in a very short amount of time.

So even when you think your safe, there are always different types of floods that are out there to get you. Even your own bathtub…
So stay prepared for a flood and keep emergency items ready to go!

Stay safe and warm