Easy Mold Project With Kids!

· November 18, 2015 · 10:58 pm



3 Slices of bread! (preferably stale)

1. Put each piece of bread in a zip-lock bag.

2. One bag goes into the freezer

3. The second stays in a bag on the kitchen table

4. The third piece goes into the refrigerator

5. Check the bread every 10 days or longer and watch how much the mold grows in each different temperature of the environment!

Your kids should start to notice how much faster the mold grows in room temperature than the other two locations!

This is because mold loveeesss moisture and humidity!

So! On this note, you will notice how the mold grows fastest on the bread on the counter, than the fridge, and even more than the freezer!

Your bread will stay fresher the longer you keep it in the freezer. Or, if you’d like to double up your bread and purchase 2 instead of one… just freeze the other!