Christmas Tree Promoting Mold?

· November 3, 2015 · 11:57 am

For years people believed that the “fresh pine scent” was promoting allergies…

A study was done at St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Bridgeport, CT resulting in the fact that there are high levels of mold in trees.

They placed a Christmas tree in a room and did an air quality test after 2 weeks. Mold levels were five times higher than before the Christmas tree was in the room.

Levels this high can absolutely worsen allergy symptoms and asthma symptoms.

If you want a real Christmas tree, you should keep it for no more than a week in your house to help minimize the spores produced indoors.

If you have allergies in general or if you have specifically mold allergies, it is best recommended to purchase a fake Christmas tree during the holidays.

Some allergic reactions include, nose, throat and eye irritations and headaches.

Christmas trees contain mold because of how they are stored for purchase. Trees are cut and stored in a moist environment before being purchased, which promotes growth for mold.

So, to keep air quality levels low, buy a fake Christmas tree! Or you may have to take care of a bigger problems