3 Core Reasons To Get An Air Quality Test TODAY

· November 9, 2015 · 3:40 am

A problem with mold is that, you can’t always see it! When a home inspector comes into a home, he does not preform an air quality test. Which is why it is always best to get one before purchasing a home.

Who is Mold? What is Mold?

Mold feeds off of nutrients on the surface of wood, concrete, food etc.

All mold needs to survive is a certain temperature, moisture and it’s “food.”

A Home Is Like a Ritz Carlton For Mold

Mold has a very specific purpose to break down organic material. Houses provide all the essential needs for mold. And by now, we’re pretty sure mold knows this. It has it’s food (your home) and it has moisture. If you can possibly control moisture, then mold problems will be kept at a minimum.


1. Real Estate Agents Lie

Not all real estate agents may get a mold air quality test. And it is certainly not mandatory. If the agent knows ways around this such as, painting over mold, spackling or replacing sheetrock, you may have an issue-you’d have no idea there was one!!!!

2. Mold Remediation Costs

If you stall and wait on getting an air quality test for your home, the mold will just keep spreading and growing. By that point when it becomes hazardous and you have to do something about it, remediation prices can get pricier as time goes on.

3. Home Inspectors Are Not Mold Experts!

Home inspectors look for visual problems within a home. They are NOT mold remediation experts. But they may tell you a few signs to watch out for yourself if they come about. Such as,

Water Stains

Funny Smelling Basements

Leaking Roofs

Water Leakage

which will all encourage mold growth.

SO! Paying for an air quality test will prove to be equally saving in thousands and your health!

Thank goodness we preform air quality test and mold remediation services!

And we are still green!


Thanks, VioClean.