Mold Related to Chronic Inflammatory Response Disease?

· November 15, 2015 · 2:54 am

There was a short posting about this on VioClean’s Google+ account which is here if you wanna check out our page!

Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) is a “chronic non-specific illness” that we posted about. In case you missed our Google+ post, here is a little inside scoop or if you just wanted the extra detail of more symptoms, just as promised!

In case you missed it:

This “chronic illness” is related to buildings and homes that had water damage at one point that wasn’t taken care of. And people who claim, “seasonal allergies” already have this “genetic predisposition” that will make them more prone to getting this chronic illness.

But Anyways…

There are AT LEAST 30 symptoms I will tell you about. (HEY! Hypochondriacs and/or medical majors, make sure to not just take”fatigue” and “headaches” out of this entire list and drive yourself nuts! Cause you will!)

-Fatigue, weakness

-Post-exertional malaise (this is much more complex than just defining it as a single symptom, it can cause tiredness, pain,  difficulty in remembering, bad perception, poor problem solving and sore throat after physical or mental activity)

-Memory problems, difficulties with concentration

-Differenciating between short and long-term consequences

-Difficulty for the brain to organize, manage and integrate other brain functions

-Disorientation and confusion


-Losing balance, light-headedness (Vertigo)

-Muscle aches, cramping

-Joint pains (but not inflammatory arthritis)

-Sensitivity to bright light, blurred vision, burning or red eyes, tearing of the eye

-Cough, asthma-like illness, shortness of breath, sinus congestion

-Unusual shortness of breath even when resting

-Feeling like you aren’t taking in as much air as you feel like you need (Air Hunger)

-Stomach problems such as, nausea, cramping, diarrhea


Or the most obvious, check to see if you have a leak or water damage around your house and most importantly, check for mold!

Again, this is just a list of the top symptoms.

So you can  rest assure and get an air quality test to see if you have any mold in your home. And if this is the case, I would deeply recommend getting it removed.

Thanks for reading,