Know Breast Cancer Project Welcomes VioClean as Corporate Partner

Know Breast Cancer, a national organization based in Manchester by the Sea, has accepted VioClean, an all green carpet and upholstery cleaning service, as a corporate partner.

“Know Breast Cancer is delighted to begin working with VioClean a owner- operated family business, as part of our mission to introduce women to practical and active ways to lower their breast cancer risk levels.” said Susan Wadia-Ells PhD and founding director of Know Breast Cancer.

Know Breast Cancer’s new Prevention Products Program searches out area and national companies that offer organic foods, as well as green household and garden products or services that enable women to reduce their free estrogen levels. Many hormone-mimicking chemicals or xeno hormones are found in most commercial cleaning fluids, pesticides, body care products, polluted air and in much unfiltered water. Research shows that absorption of these chemicals can produce cancer-causing breast cell mutations or accelerate the    growth of existing breast tumors. Researchers estimate that more than 90% of breast cancer is caused by a cocktail of radiation, some pharmaceutical drugs, along with environmental and household pollutants.

“Finding ways to help women reduce their overall estrogen imbalance by using green commercial cleaning services,  such as VioClean,  is one important way to help reduce the risk of developing a  breast cancer diagnosis, ” added Wadia-Ells.

Under their agreement, VioClean, will donate 10% of their bill when customers mention the Know Breast Cancer Project or the Project’s upcoming Bra’athon, a juried exhibit of artful bras and gala reception scheduled for Spring  2010.  These VioClean customers will also receive a free email info packet from Know Breast Cancer, along with regular updates on the Project’s publications, workshops and events.

“VioClean looks forward to supporting Know Breast Cancer’s important work on the North Shore and nationwide,” said Trung Nguyen, founder and CEO of the two- year- old professional rug and upholstery cleaning company that uses  Green Seal-approved products,  based in Swampscott and servicing Essex County and beyond.

Know Breast Cancer,  a one- year- old non- profit  organization, translates research on environmental and pharmaceutical causes of breast cancer into active and practical ways that women can use to lower their personal breast cancer risk level today. For more information on Know Breast Cancer, visit www.knowbreastcancer.net or call 978 526 8702.

For more information on Green Seal, a twenty-year-old non-profit organization devoted to environmental standard setting, product certification, and public education visit www.greenseal.org ; for more information on VioClean, visit, www.vioclean.com or call 1-800 277 CLEAN

Companies that market safe or green products or services locally or nation-wide that would like to apply as a Know Breast Cancer corporate partner can contact Wadia-Ells at Susan@knowbreastcancer.net or at 978 526 8702.

Media Contact:

Susan Wadia-Ells

978 526 8702   susan@knowbreastcancer.net