Flood Safety Tips

· November 25, 2015 · 2:35 am





-Avoid buildings that are at a low plane

-Seal your walls in your basement with compounds that are water proof.

-Be sure to listen to your radio or watch your television for any flood warnings if you suspect one or if it is typical in your area.

-Know the difference between a “flood watch” and a “flood warning.”

>flood watch: (watch for possible floods)

>flood warning: (a flood is coming!)

When a Flood Is Spontaneous 

-Pack a safety bag as soon as possible including everything you need and don’t forget your medications

-Leave your home as soon as possible

-If it’s a “flash flood” be sure to move to a higher ground as soon as possible and as fast as possible.

-If you have enough time be sure to unplug as much as you can and be sure to shut off the main power source

During A Flood

-Do not walk in the water if at all possible

-If you must walk in the water, be sure to use a stick to check the grounds “for firmness” in front of you as you walk.

-Do not drive into any flooded areas. If the water comes around your car and gets too high, leave your car and get out of there to move to higher grounds.

-Do not touch any electrical equipment whatsoever!

After A Flood

-Make sure to listen to the news to make sure the tap water is able to be consumed.

-Avoid any giant puddles or left over floodwaters. They may be contaminated with oil, gasoline or raw sewage. They may even be electrically charged due to power lines.

-Stay away from roads where the water has gone down, the roads and/or bridges may collapse under the weight of a car from the pressure  and weakened after enduring the flood.

-Stay away from any power lines that are down and be sure to report them.

-Only go back home when the news and/or radio advises you and tells you that it is now safe.

-Stay out of any buildings surrounded by floodwaters.

Clean and disinfect everything that got wet. Floods may have contained chemicals and raw sewage.

-Be sure to check your septic tanks, cesspools, pits, and leaching systems as soon as possible, they can be hazardous to your health.

-Call a professional water restoration company!